The mission of the Michigan Career Development Association (MichCDA) is to promote career planning and development across the lifespan, resulting in personal satisfaction and success for our students, clients, and constituents through these five strategies:







  • Facilitate the professional growth and development of career planning and development counselors, educators, professionals, paraprofessionals and other related practitioners.
  • Provide exemplary standards of professional conduct among all career planning and development practitioners consistent with the Code of Ethics of the National Career Development Association.
  • Develop and promote a strong organizational identity to current and prospective members.
  • Encourage members to proactively participate in the leadership of the MichCDA and in other organizational activities.
  • Define and enhance the role of the MichCDA within the network of professional associations.
  • Work cooperatively with educational institutions in the development of career planning and development courses, curriculum and educational programs such as the Poster and Poetry Competition.
  • Collaborate with other professional, government and employer organizations involved in career planning and development and other related activities.
  • Stimulate, promote and conduct programs of research in the field of career planning and development.
  • Impact legislation and government policies and provide information to the membership about legislation and policies important to career planning and development.

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